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Ideas, New Features & Roadmap 💡

This space is dedicated to sharing what’s coming next on Coconut, discuss your ideas and give you sneak peeks on upcoming features.

Coconut's Crowdfunding 💸

Stay up to date with news about our upcoming crowdfund campaign and get involved

Self-employed tools ⌨️

Discuss the tools you use to do your best work, from project management, design, stock management, time keeping, to do listing, and more.

Accounting and tax tips 🧮

Got an accounting or tax question? Ask us here. We’ll also share tips along the way too!

Self-employed life 🏋️‍♂️

A space to chat about anything and everything related to being self-employed! Whether it’s getting paid, finding work or meeting people - ask away here.

Get help 🆘

If you’re a Coconut Customer and you have a specific question or issue about your account, please contact our Support team directly.

Feedback & Bugs 🙏

Need help immediately? Please reach out to our customer support team via our in-app chat.

Coconut for Accountants 🧮

Accountant or bookkeeper? Come on in! This is a space to share ideas and feedback on the Coconut Accountant Portal so we can continue to build features that both you and your clients will benefit from.