Ability to attach invoices to payments

Hi guys,

The automatic checking for when an invoice has been paid is a great idea and works really well, but I’ve found when I’m going through all my payments into my Coconut account, it doesn’t attach / isn’t a way to attach that paid invoice to the specified payment? I can attach photos and files but it would be a great feature to be able to click on that transaction and see the invoice there!

Here’s a mockup of what I mean:

Many thanks!



Hi Jamie

Thank you for this mockup, always helps to see where people’s heads are at. We’re currently exploring something kinda like this for when we automatically connect a transaction to an invoice:

So you can get there easily in one tap. The same will be true from the invoice too!

But you have also given me a good idea for how we can attach a transaction to an invoice for when we can’t automatically connect them for whatever reason.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe on the above, but I’ll continue to push the idea for when we do have engineering capacity.



This would be such a helpful feature. I have to regularly buy props for shoots, so being able to add these receipts to an invoice, rather than having to send a separate email with them in would really help.

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Hi Holly,

This is an interesting use case. It feels perhaps a little different to the previous message, which centred around linking income payments to the invoice that requested it, but let’s delve in a bit further.

So presumably you would pay for these props using your business account. Is the ideal situation being able to then attach these receipts to the invoice in some way (maybe as a line item?) so that your invoice amount reflects the cost of the props as well as your services?


Hi J.B,

Apologies, after re-reading, it is an entirely different scenario! Although the above would be also very helpful.

Yes exactly as you’ve explained! I use my coconut account to buy items needed, but when invoicing the client it would be great to be able to attach receipts, preferably as an ‘add image’ feature. I currently add the props as Line Items with descriptions, but then have to send photographs of the receipts/prop invoices to the client in a separate email in order for them to reimburse me. They basically need to see the proof of purchase.

I’m probably of a minority that would find this feature really helpful and time saving, but its great to be able to share ideas and potential solutions here!