Accepting card payments on your phone (ie without sending invoices)

A suggested we had on our public roadmap was to give a way to accept card payments from your phone.

We have the ability to accept card payments (via PayPal) on invoices, but sometimes you just want to accept a card payment in person, without going through the process of creating a whole invoice to send to someone.

It would be great to hear from people that don’t send invoices, but would like an easy way to accept card payments from people in person on your phone.

Another related idea to this is being able to send people quick links to a payment form for a particular amount, or for any amount (ie customer enters it), so that you can quickly send a payment page to a customer eg via Whatsapp that they can then easily go and pay through on their own phone.

Let us know your thoughts about how you’d like to accept customer payments without using our invoicing tool.


This is a good idea & would help if you’re helping someone who isn’t tech-savvy for example.

In the past I used iZettle, but would love a way in-app to carry this out.

I think it would be great as a payment link, so say someome charges £55 for a massage, you then can have it as a mini invoice, that you can whatsapp, email or text it to your clients. Also a great option for taking payments before treatments which can reduce no shows and late cancellations.

Be great if there was like a UK version of Stripe, with payment APIs and maybe connected with our accounts?

Also Stripe have Stripe connect which is great, especially for platforms like Lyft, Deliveroo etc if clients pay the platform, then payout the restaurant and delivery driver straight away.