Accepting Card Payments with PayPal

When sending invoices, adding the ability to accept payments by card will help you get paid faster.

We’re actively working with our first card payments partner, PayPal. This will be added as an option in the app in February 2020.

It will mean you can connect Coconut to your PayPal account, and give your clients the option to pay by PayPal alongside via bank transfer. If they have a PayPal account, they can simply pay via PayPal, or they can pay by card if they don’t have a PayPal account.


Would love to see Stripe as I dont use paypal


Thanks Luke - Stripe is on our radar :+1:

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+1 for Stripe (I’ve never been asked for PayPal by clients but card payments - currently via Wave - is very popular)

I don’t deal with consumers per se so PayPal unlikely to come up, card payments would be practical just in case.

Hey guys, just to clarify, from a client perspective, they’ll see the option to either pay with PayPal or just pay via debit card, so it doesn’t matter whether your clients use PayPal or not. So where they do have PayPal they can pay quickly using that, or otherwise they can make a normal card payment.

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I’m using SumUp and very impressed with it. Would be good to have that integrated and to be able to have the charges itemised as expenses

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I’ve found Stripe transaction fees a lot less than PayPal in the past so that’s one reason I’d still prefer Stripe. Not looked recently to be fair. Also just to have one dashboard to look at regularly for client income (as I use Stripe for online payments via my website too). Via PayPal can it deposit the money automatically like Stripe does? I always have to go in and manually withdraw PayPal money on the odd time I get a payment (e.g. some affiliate schemes use it). I’d be interested to see how it would look for the client paying without a PayPal account. Thanks for clarifying that Adam!

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I’ve been using Stripe too but have just moved to Square which is even cheaper as it’s a straight up percentage. For larger invoices the difference won’t be huge but I’ve been taking v small payments lately and the 20p charge has meant that the real cost per transaction for PayPal and Stripe has been pretty high.


Thanks for the update Russ.

I believe TransferWise accounts are able to be added currently - but is there any plans on being able to use TransferWise as a payment option as for me, I get paid in different currencies sometimes & their fees are a lot lower than PayPal for Exchange Rates.