Add your logo to invoices

Something exciting in the works is the ability to add your logo to invoices.

We’ve been hard at work in the background to ensure this works for everyone well and is as simple to use as possible.

Here’s a sneak peek at the designs:


Ooh, I cannot wait for this feature to be available. I have been waiting for this since signing up to Coconut in July 2019. I have been hesitant to subscribe to the paid version of Coconut, as without the ability to add my logo to invoices, I cannot take advantage of all the great features Coconut has to offer. I have been using a workaround, where I download a PDF version of the invoice and manually add my logo in a PDF editor but this takes time and often, the typefaces and layout change and it all looks messy. I look forward to seeing this released!!!


@VoiceActor I have a feeling this will be a popular one… it’s been on the list for a while so we’re super excited to get it out! We announced a few other things that we’re working on at our Open House event last night - we also live streamed it so if you didn’t catch it, you can get up to speed here:

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@nesskent Yes, I watched the event last night. It was great to hear about all the new features and I am looking forward to be able to add my logo to invoices. Then, I can start using Coconut for all my invoice generating, that will make life easier. I hear there might be a few different design templates to choose from too?

A great addition, I have been waiting for this feature for a long time now and will definitly make invoices look more professional.


Do we have a estimated date for this?

Be ideal before the new financial year.


Hi @TaylorMadePA, as with all these things, it’s not absolutely guaranteed but I think on or around the new financial year would be a good estimate. It’s designed and ready to get built, so just needs to wait in line.

Just a question for anyone that is interested in this feature. Logos is step one, but further personalisation might include things like colours and fonts.

  • How important is further personalisation (above a logo) to you?
  • If you have a custom font, where is it from? What font is it?
  • If you want a custom colour, how many colours? What would you want to be coloured?
  • Would you want further templates? What don’t you like about the current template?

I very much like the existing template. It is simple, clean and I like the way information is separated with bigger font sizes for important information at the top, such as due date and invoice total. It looks like our logos could easily be integrated with this current design by moving all the information down and allowing us to put our logo in the top left, but I guess it depends on what each logo looks like and the size. I really like the font used, it is easy to read and modern.

It would be nice to have other templates to choose from, one with blocks of customisable colour to break up sections, like these samples would be good.



How far away are we from being able to put logo’s on the invoices?

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Hi @trevordempster - we work in 2 month cycles and the logo on invoices is slated to go out in our March-April cycle. So you should be seeing it in the app in the coming weeks :+1:

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That is great news! I have been laboriously manually adding my logo to the invoices. I will be so pleased when I don’t need to do that any more. Are you able to share any of the other new features in the next app update??

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Currently we’re looking at adding logos to invoices and read receipts (being notified when your client views your invoice) :+1:

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Brilliant! That’s 2 super useful features a lot of us have been waiting for.


Hi everyone - happy Friday!

Exciting news… Adding your logo to invoices through the app is coming next week! I know this has been in the works for a while now but we’re very excited that we’re just a few days away from sharing this with you all.

But before we do, we want to make sure we’ve thoroughly tested this for all different shapes and sizes of business logos, so we’d love to try it with as many as possible.

We’re in the final throes of testing now and we’d love your help. If you’re happy to do so, please send us your business logo so we can test it in the app.

Email them to:

We’re purposefully not specifying any file formats here as we want to see which formats are most widely used and test as many as we can.

Thank you so much :raised_hands:


@trevordempster @VoiceActor @TaylorMadePA @Phil_Barrett I know you have all been waiting for this!

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Great! Have just sent mine!

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Ah, great news!

Sent my logo to Russell.

Thank you!

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Anyone know if this is available for all now? @nesskent’s msg from 10 days ago suggests it was out last week, so wondering as I couldn’t find any way of adding a logo on an invoice I just sent out.