Add your logo to invoices

Hey @Ayesha - it’s imminent! We’ve submitted this to Apple this afternoon, so should be tomorrow at a guess, stay tuned! Android will also be dropping. Thanks for checking in.


Thanks, Ali! Will keep a lookout - exciting!

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@Ayesha this has been released! Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app and give it a whirl. Would love to hear how you get on?

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@trevordempster @VoiceActor @TaylorMadePA @Phil_Barrett this is now live! Would love to hear what you think :pray:

Thanks for the update. I was able to add my logo, no problem. I really like the look of the Coconut invoice and it’s even better now I can have my branding on it :blush:

I tried sending myself the invoice last night and again this morning but I am not receiving the email. I have posted this in the ‘Bugs’ thread.

It would be great if we were able to choose how big the logo is on our invoices, but hey, I’m just glad I can add a logo at this point.

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Thanks @VoiceActor - looking into this for you, we’ll keep the other thread updated :+1:

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Thanks for letting me know, Vanessa @nesskent. Will try it on the next invoice. Or maybe create a dummy one if I can’t wait!

@Ayesha You can give it a go without sending an invoice if you don’t need to yet too…

  1. Head to your Business Profile in the ‘More’ tab
  2. We’ll guide you through the process of adding your logo from there and give you a preview of how it will look!

You could also create and send a test invoice to yourself to see how it looks in full if you fancy :dancer:

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Success! Super that logos can be added. Am with @VoiceActor on being able to adjust size. Am sure that’s a tricky one given the different formats in use. But other customisation options (font, font size, e-signature etc.) will be great to have in the future.

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@Ayesha and @VoiceActor it’s great to hear that you’ve added your logos. I hope your invoices look all the better for it.

I’ll definitely take a look at your feedback of offering larger sizes for the logos. As you can imagine, with the range of logo shapes, screen sizes and amount of info to include on an invoice, it can become tricky, but I’m sure we can find an elegant solution.

Keep the feedback coming, it’s really appreciated!


Love the new logo feature and it’s meant i now use coconut as my main invoicing method :pray:

I think some further control/customisation would be welcomed down the line. Our brand guidelines have about 4 accent colours and use a very dark grey rather than black for type (all provided in HEX codes).

Body Font wise, we use Helvetica Now which we have in .ttf format.

The other element that we’ve found really helpful in tying our docs and touchpoints together is the ability to upload a background image (jpeg) which acts as a watermark/background behind everything else. (Put together a quick mockup to illustrate)

Thanks guys and cant wait to see the product develop more.


Hi Simon,
I’m really pleased to hear that you’re enjoying the new feature.
Thank you very much for the suggestions. Personalisation is something we really want to develop over time, and colour, typefaces and templates are a great place to start as far as we see it too.
Is the background that you showed as an example something that you add to your invoices currently?

Hey JB!

No worries at all.

Currently we use the background in our contracts, letterheads etc but not to our invoices through coconut. For now, adding manually would take too much time and the logo does the job but looking forward to customising further down the line!


Totally agree with @Simon

Having the ability to add a background image to invoices would give us a huge amount of customisation abilities, because we could add any colours or images we want that way. I really like the fonts, sizes and layout of information that is currently on the invoice but I would love to be able to change the colour of text and the colour of the grey square showing the payment details.

Do you think this will be possible?


Hello everyone :wave:

I saw this post last week and when I had a bit of time over the weekend had a look at how well our current templating would support this idea. It sort of worked. In true “design by engineer” style I have used a rather garish example.

I wonder if you could post some backgrounds you’d be interested in using and I can add them to my samples for testing out. That way if we can get this into the app for you I have already sense checked some real examples. Here’s an example just to show that it did sort of work when I made a few changes to the code:

In terms of fonts and sizes I will let you all into a secret, we have made a few placeholder spots for opening up the ability to customize this though it’s still early days in terms of how we would show this in app and to what extent we allow the customizing (e.g. uploading your own font would be quite difficult for us to support for a number of reasons but a pre-selected list that we’re licensed for could work).

Layout is quite difficult to amend but we could support having some minor variations at least. I think that could work to accommodate a lot of people.

Here’s a few examples of font and size changes operating, if you’d be interested in trying some of this out I could set it on your invoice profile already. I like the idea of changing the color of the payment box, I think that is something we could work in pretty easily. I can’t say when we’d be able to get that into the app just yet but if you would be interested in this I could try to get this in place so that we can set the color for you on your invoice profile so that any invoices created use the color you want.

In the following you’ll see different fonts in use as well as the quite large title being half the size.

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Liking the font test ones.

At the moment we have the following available:

  • Arco Perpetuo Pro - this is our default and what is used right now in the invoices, you can’t change this from the app at present

If any of these appeal more to you than the Arco font I could change your invoice profile so that it uses this instead. Any invoices you create would then use this (or any invoices you preview/resend in app would use it too):

  • Cutive Mono
  • Inconsolata
  • Lekton
  • Lora
  • Neuton
  • Oswald

If that appeals just let me know :+1: I added some of this speculatively in anticipation of future customising, but if it helps you now then we could try that out and see how you get on and then I can feed that back into our product development group :innocent:


Hey Jaymz,

Here’s the BG i use :slight_smile:


I’m unsure why it puts a very thin white line on the side but this is somewhat encouraging :sweat_smile: