Adding other banks/financial institutions to Truelayer Selection


I LOVE Coconut but have to maintain at least 2 business accounts for professional association reasons (I am an agent and have to commit to having a client account and then a general business one) - I was with Tide but now have Coconut and Clydesdale. I would LOVE Clydesdale to be connectable on the app - it would mean the perfect set up!

Are we able to suggest additional banks or FI to add?


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Hi Kaye,

The banking integrations are decided by our partner, TrueLayer. They do have Clydesdale on their roadmap as a provider they are integrating with currently. The roadmap can be found here.

As is ever the case with these types of thing, we can’t give you a timeframe, but be sure that we will be ready to go as soon as it is open for Beta release.


Amazing thank you!

Andromeda Talent

This is perhaps a nicer to navigate version of the above roadmap: