Adding #tags to transactions

We’ve had requests to add tags to transactions, so that they can be used for searching, filtering, reporting later on.

For example tagging with a client name, a project name, different income streams etc.

If you could add a tag to a transaction, what would you use it for?

How would you expect it to work in Coconut?


I use tags in Monzo and it is handy. In Coconut I’d use it most to track expenses and income relating to one of my side projects as most of my expenses aren’t directly related to one client, but for this side project it’s a bit more tangible. I’d probably use it in the app to get an overview and also if I did a spreadsheet export. How Monzo do it with the #tag in the notes section would be good OR a drop down when you go into the transaction where you could choose from pre-set tags or create a new one.

It would be good if in the app you could see the total income and expenditure for each tag over various time ranges e.g. last month, financial year, year to date, custom etc.

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I think this would be very useful to assign transaction to projects, clients etc. It would be useful in the app and spreadsheet like Katy suggested above. A time range search feature would also be a brilliant addition.

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I love tagging certain expenses if it’s related to say an event I’ve gone to which might have different vendors so I can keep track of how much I spent at said event. IFSEC is an example of this!

It’s an easy way when I’m budgeting for repeat events etc, I can quickly see how much in total I spent - so a search feature which gives a total spend on transactions with said tag, being able to be clicked into to explore individual transactions would be brilliant.