After viewing transactions returns to the top

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request:

I love how I can scroll through my whole transaction timeline in the main Accounts tab.

One problem I am having is - when I select a transaction to either add a note or receipt, if I come out of the transaction I am taken back to the top. I then have to scroll back down to find where I previously was. This is very frustrating when attaching receipts or adding notes to a few transactions much earlier in the tax year.

Is it possible to come out of a transaction and be at the same place in the timeline that I previously was? Maybe have some kind of :top: icon to take you back to the top when you want to?


Hi VoiceActor :wave: - Yes this is a bug. This will be fixed in the upcoming release of the iOS app. Keep an eye out for it early next week :+1:


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And, although we don’t have a ‘go to top’ icon, if you’re on iOS (and this works for any app) tapping the clock will take you to the top. Because it saves you time…??

@russ that is great news! I might just wait til then to do my notes and receipts to all the older transactions. A good lesson to do them before they get too old.

@J.B aah, yes of course, you can just tap the time to get back to the top, thanks for the reminder… but wow, that was a cheesy joke! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the quick reply

I have been using the latest version of the Coconut app on iPhone for a few days now and the update has fixed the problem of always returning to the top.

Thank you for fixing this so quickly!