Allow multiple accounts from the same bank

I’ve just opened a Monzo business account and connected it to Coconut. Until now I’d been using my personal Monzo account to manage my finances. But when I try to add the Pot from the personal account that I’d been using for all of my transactions, Coconut replaces my business account with the Pot account. It looks like I can’t connect 2 Monzo accounts at once.

This meant that I had to add my expenses and income to my account manually: Manually enter past income / expenses when opening a new Coconut account.


I believe this is on the roadmap investors were shown the other day if I remember correctly.

You’ll be able to pick and choose accounts & pots to add.

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It turns out the app already has a way to do this. You just need to select both your business and personal accounts from the bank at the same time. Then you can choose which Pots to add from each type account - if it’s a Monzo account that you’re connecting :raised_hands:

Trying to connect my personal account and then my business account separately was the cause of the issue.

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Great to hear you’ve solved it Alex :grin:

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