AMA with Sam O'Connor, CEO of Coconut

Live AMA on Thursday 4th June

Ahead of our Crowdfund campaign launch next week we’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with our CEO, Sam O’Connor this Thursday.

Share your questions for Sam here.

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Hi there,

I recently finished reading “Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good” which, in brief, presents a different kind of economy, one that makes the common good the goal and making money only a means to the goal. It has provoked me to really think about how I run my own business.

Could you or would you look to support the ‘Common Good Balance Sheet’ in the future? or would Coconut look to participate in other ways to create the Economy for the Common Good and thereby enabling us as customers to participate in this new Economy?

I realise this might not be answered immediately if you haven’t heard about it before, but I thought I would ask anyway.



Since the App is only available for the UK (at least I can’t download it here in RoI), is there plans to expand, and if so, will we also be able to avail of the special Investor card? :grin:

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My question (having missed this event thinking it was this evening) would be:

Was this event recorded and can we see it?
(Or at least the list of Q&As)



What @ralph.coconut said/asked.


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@ralph.coconut @Ayesha yes we did record the session! You can catch up over here: Recording of AMA with CEO Sam O'Connor, June 2020


Thank you for sharing the link, Vanessa!


There are plans to expand, I’m sure once these are executed that any existing investors will be able to take advantage of the investor card. Maybe someone from @coconut can confirm?