APP UPDATE: Updates to invoicing (read receipts & getting paid into connected accounts)

Hi everyone :wave:,

We released some updates to invoicing yesterday so wanted to give you a quick overview of what’s new.

We’ve added read receipts

To give you a bit more control, we’re introducing read receipts on invoices. This lets you see if a client has opened your message or not. We’ll even tell you if it’s gone into the spam folder.

No more “we didn’t get your invoice” excuses when it comes to chasing payments!

You can now choose which account you get paid into

You can already connect all your accounts to Coconut to see all your finances in one place, and now can get paid into these connected accounts through the invoicing tool too!

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app and have a play around. We’d love to hear what you think!


@Jennystrange @Urbanfox FYI :point_up: I know you were both interested in read receipts… now they’re here!

Absolutely love this added feature team.

Keep up the great work!

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Hello. Yep. I noticed them appear a few days ago and now there is the little icon next to the name. Perfect. Really helps in chasing the money. All these little steps make a big difference. Thanks

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This looks really useful @nesskent. Thanks for updating here.

Useful update, thanks. How about the ability to delete old or one-off clients from the client list in Invoicing?

I send invoices to my own email address, so I can send on to clients from there with my own message etc - I get notifications from you saying that the email’s have been read, when they have 100% not been opened.

Doesn’t affect me, but wouldn’t want other Coconut users to think email’s had been read, when they have not.

Have you seen this issue elsewhere @nesskent ?

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Thank you for the feedback! Out of curiosity how are you confirming these 100% have not been opened?

We have received this feedback before and are looking into it. Sometimes there is a delay in the notifications so the timing can be a little off, however we are looking into it and seeing if its something more than that.

Because the email’s are sent to me, and I didn’t open the emails.

The notifications saying I’d opened were almost instantly after the invoices were created.

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Got it! Helpful to know that it was instantly sent as they were delivered.

OK thanks for the feedback! Our team is looking into it.