Apple & Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are popular payment options. The Coconut card could be added as a payment option with them.

Where we’re up to
If we’re to offer these we’ll need to complete a project with our banking partner, PPS. Our focus has been to develop our accounting and tax side of our proposition which is why we haven’t prioritised these just yet, but we know they’re in high demand from some of our current account customers.

Our questions
Do you use Apple Pay?
Do you use Google Pay?


I use apple pay. I thought this was already an active feature in Coconut. I already use my Coconut card with apple pay.

I use Apple Pay more and more - and Coconut feels like an anomaly not being there. Apple pay is particularly brilliant for replacement cards. I lost my wallet a while back (actually I’d just mislaid it… but that’s another story) and Monzo were able to send an instantaneous replacement via Apple Pay. My new Coconut card took a few days to arrive. Now, that didn’t cause me any problems in that moment, but if Id been away on business - or just in urgent need to use my Coconut account for something, I’d have been in a tricky spot.

Hey @VoiceActor, by any chance are you a Curve user?

I think adding Coconut to Curve, then Curve to Apple Pay is a way of sort of getting Coconut into Apple Pay.

Yes, I do use Curve, that’s why I thought Coconut was already on Apple Pay. I have been using Coconut through Curve on Apple Pay for a while and forgot Coconut is not directly connected to Apple Pay, but it has been a good workaround.

I’m glad you clarified that :smile:

I use Google Pay and it would be ace if Coconut was on it. But there are other features I’d like more e.g. vaults, invoice payments by card, multi-access for limited companies etc.

I use Apple Pay nearly daily!

I use Apple Pay and would find this feature handy. Do keep us posted if/when it launches :rocket:

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ApplePay is my preferential method of payment.

I feel like features like these shouldn’t need to be discussed in the community, it’s already a feature that everyone uses with all their other banks. It’s a no brainier guys. This has been on the list for 18 months by my count from the old Trello board.

Coconut just isn’t fast enough when it comes to these extra banking features, it might seem small, but when you don’t have 5 of these features + the cons of it being a prepay tech card it becomes more of a hassle and ultimately looses it’s delight. I now use Starling in combination with Coconut via True Layer to get the best of both worlds.

Disagree here Ben; it may have been on the board for a while, but they want customer and investor input into it.

I think the job they’re doing is brilliant & there’s only so much a small team can do at once - which will be helped by this new fundraising round to get more heads on the team and deliver on these items.

I don’t use either apple or Google pay… I have my NFC off and my coconut card in the back of my phone case and pretend I have one on contactless payments :joy::joy::joy:

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Sam you need to get in that contactless payment integration as there’s a new player in town tipjar on crowdcube

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The contactless intergration discussed in this thread is for the Coconut business account rather than of accepting payments via contactless.
I don’t see Tipjar as a threat to Coconut at all, there are plenty of startups that have existed in this space for years such as Sumup, Square, iZettle, Paypal etc that do far more than just tipping and complement Coconut rather than competing. Additionally I’m personally opposed to the rise of Americanised tipping culture that is trying to be introduced in the UK as it just seems like a way for business owners to avoid paying a living wage. Tipjar also looks like it’s aimed at salaried employees who won’t be using coconut anyway.

As an investor, I feel that Coconut shouldn’t change their business strategy or rush new features just because a new startup has appeared on a crowdfunding platform - they should be sticking to the roadmap, feature creep doesn’t benefit anyone.

You are entitled to your own opinion sure and how much did you put in coconut pray tell as an investor?:thinking::wink:. I was merely pointing out other start ups were appearing with that functionality as their primary function.

Being a self employed banking app with accounting, I would have thought some way of taking payments through the app would be the norm. So in my opinion it would benefit from it having that creep feature, so coconut could quietly attract more users.

Shhh don’t tell anyone but I’m am investor also😂

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