Apps you find useful?

I thought it could be a neat idea if we had somewhere we could share any apps we find useful as a business/sole trader/freelancer.

This could help new members to the community that may be new to the whole process and even help Team @coconut to see what type of apps business owners find useful which could end up being integrated in some type of way in the future.

I’ll kick it off;

  • Toggl - I use this for time tracking on jobs
  • BBC News (other news apps are available) - I use this to keep an eye on the latest news in the business sector
  • Wave - I used this in the past for receipts
  • Fiverr (& UpWork) - I used this to find potential customers before landing a full time one
  • Good&Co - Love this app for how it matches you to jobs and gives you an insight to yourself. Worth a checkout. (Not business essential).

Great post and definitely interesting to see what customers might come up with.

To add:

  • Harvest: Time tracking / time sheets (also for employees), project budget planning, invoice creation
  • Proposify: Creating and sending contract proposals (price at this point not worth it for me, but great tool!)
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For Brainstorming - Lucid Chart is really good.

Another hand for Toggl. I use it across devices.

Same. I love being able to start a timer on one device and jump to the next to finish my work and stop it there.

Another vote for Toggl! Would also suggest Trello for project management.


Hey Guys,

Tell me if I’m speaking out of line but I’m actually trying to build an app for part time and flexible working.
A year ago, I setup as a consultant and one thing I always forgot to do with my clients was set my out of office every Thursday and Friday when I didn’t work with them. Does anyone else have a similar issue?

If you are at all interested in the product, I’d love to get your feedback and ideally test the product for me. Please let me know your thoughts below.




I love Trello! Definitely a ‘+1’ from me for that.

Hey Art

Welcome to Coconute Bite. This sounds like it has a really good basis behind the apps creation which I love.

It is something I do loathe having to do - setting my OOO, you just don’t have time when you’re busy - so this has a potential to help many people.

I’m interested in it, especially the ‘plans and pricing’ which is mentioned onsite.

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Nice idea Art. I can definitely see this being useful in the post Covid world. And anything that helps self-employed people is welcome here!

Best of luck with it!


Thanks J.B, I really appreciate that feedback. I’m a big fan of Coconuts design so it’s great to hear from you.

I’m looking for testers so let me know if you know anyone who would be interested. Just ping me at



Thanks Ryev,

Yup, me too. It drives me mad and I usually remember just as I’m sitting down to relax.

I’m looking for testers so if you’re interested or know anyone who might be then please get in touch at

Thanks again guys!

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I just discovered Notion and it’s blowing my mind, best tool since Slack. I’ve put my whole remote team onto it and we’ve killed off Trello, Notes and other tools + created team wikis and lots of other cools stuff.


I am working on a similar idea around Slack! setting OOO is definitely something on my radar for the future.

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Hey guys,

I’m now open for beta testers. Please let me know your thoughts.