Automate Payroll Integration for Remote Teams Using Toggl

I’ve just discovered that Toggl has an open source API where developers can build any integration, I think this would be a really great Integration since Toggl doesn’t have a payroll feature like it’s competitor Hubstaff. Xero have built an Integration with them that’s worth checking out, but useless for us Coconut lot.

The existing app could simply pre-populate Invoices with information from Toggl for freelancers billing and set up an automated payment run for businesses.


I use Toggl to manage my remote teams work hours. It’s a great tool and it’s founded by a fully remote team + nice design.

Is this something others would benefit from?


I’ve mentioned this in Apps you find useful?, and somewhere else (might be the same thread) a couple of us also mention the ability to integrate Toggl.

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