Breakdown of expenses and incomme

How about coconut Breakdown the total expenses into categories and display as a graph or pie chart etc. And the same with income. Do a breakdown on percentage cash or credit card sales etc.


Hey @neilcassell :wave:

Thanks for this. We’re in the process of thinking through some design updates at the moment. Would you be up for jumping on a call to chat through some of your ideas so I can share them back with the team?


I like this idea. Wave has a pie-chart to show expenses as a doughnut chart and it’s a really quick way to see what you spend, and on what.

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Hi Sam

Thanks for sharing this - it’s always great to hear from our customers!
I’d be keen to understand more about what you’d be looking for, and why this would be helpful for you.

Would you have some call to hop on a call with me to tell me more?
Please feel free to find a slot that works for you: Calendly - Mai Yamaguchi

Hi, sorry for the delay, I only just saw your reply. Happy to talk about it (I already have a call scheduled for this Friday with someone) but I just think it’s a really nice quick way to see what your expenses are going on, that’s all. Not a dealbreaker just a handy quick way to see the breakdown.

Amazing, we look forward to speaking to you! :raised_hands:

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