Bug with automatic invoice numbers

When creating several draft invoices in one go, the “Invoice number” field, (which I think should just add 1 to the hightest existing number), seems to jump to a higher number than it should.

Specifically, I noticed today that when I created invoices 013, 014,015 and 016, when I created the 2nd, 3rd and 4th invoices (014-016) it kept jumping to 021. It always seems to be 021.
The first invoice number (013) was correct.

Haven’t fully tested to find how the bug varies, but something strange happening for sure.

Hi Jake - thanks for taking the time to write out feedback. Yes, the numbering should just increment the last number by 1.

Do you use different invoice prefixes by any chance? Did these invoices you were across have different prefixes at all?


Last year I did use different invoice prefixes, but since January, I have just used one prefix. These invoices were just with one prefix.


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Hi Jake - So we’ve tried recreating this and have been unable to do so :thinking:

Are you still having this problem? were you able to get past it and get on with invoicing?