Can't add a negative line on invoices

Hi guys,

I’ve just come across a situation where an invoice I sent for February, which has already been paid and closed had a mistake on it (in my favour).
I would like to add a line in my new invoice for March with the adjustment, which will be a negative amount, but it seems it is not possible to either have a negative unit or a negative unit cost.
Is it possible to have the option for this added?
Seems like it would be something that would be quite useful, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has to credit a payee every once in a while…

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Hi Esh,

Yes, you’re correct, at present negative amounts are not possible. We have under consideration some of the following for the future:

  1. Adding a credit note to an invoice
  2. Applying discounts to invoices

Whilst this isn’t on our immediate to do list, I’ll pass on the information around negative line items to the team. Especially given this was how you intended to issue a credit note, this is very valuable feedback :+1: