Categorisation rules and learning?

Just noticed that the app has marked a transaction as ‘Uncategorised’ when last time this transaction occurred with the exact same reference I had marked it as ‘Travel’? Doesn’t Coconut remember categorisations when the are changed and employ that rule next time?

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Hello world… ? (tumble weed rolls down the dusty street as the saloon door creaks in the wind… just to get to the 20 characters limit! :blush:)

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Hi Tim - sorry for the delay.

You’re right. The app will remember the categorisation you’ve applied for a transaction - however, this logic works on the back off the transaction name (this will generally be the merchant for most transactions).

Are you applying these categories via the app or via the Accountant Portal? And is this something thats happening for all transactions or just this particular one?


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Hi Russ - thought it should work. I’m applying this in the app for my own account we are using for demo purposes, the transaction was to the DVLA for a DD for road fund licence, reference was “Dvla-” followed by my reg number. The transaction was classed as ‘Uncategorised’ in the app - haven’t noticed any others I must say, but not sure I’ve had any so it might be just this one?


I’ve just checked @russ and the DD is set-up with the same reference.

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