Checking a client has viewed an invoice

I would really like to see a function where you can see if a client has opened or viewed you invoice. I have found that 2 clients had my invoice go into their junk folder when sent directly from the app and if I can see if and when they read it, then I can make sure I get paid on time. Do you think this is a function that would be helpful/ dooable?


@Jennystrange That Is a great idea. Knowing a client has received and viewed an invoice, and it’s not lost to the ether, or gone to junk mail would be so useful. It means not having to send that follow up email to ask if they got the invoice, when actually they’ve just been a bit busy to reply, but you feel like you are hounding them.

If possible, it would be good if the PDF triggered a ‘viewed’ notification. That way, it would still work even if you sent the invoice through another email client and not directly through Coconut, but if that’s not possible, having a viewed notification through Coconut would be great.

I find around 50% or more of my invoices end up in people’s spam folders (or so they say) and something I have raised before - a read receipt would be great and was a feature on the invoice all I used to use previously

This is a cool feature, and one that will clearly add value to everyone’s workflow.
Myself and Roger spoke about this recently in a user interview (Hi again Roger!) and have got designs for this feature done and ready to go, we’re just waiting for engineering capacity. We’re hoping to implement this feature into the one after our next release (we design for releases a few ahead, so the fruits of our conversation should become more apparent in v1.19 and v1.20)


Awesome news J.B. Looking forward to seeing it

I’m not entirely surprised with the number of invoices that end up being identified as SPAM. The email domain that is used, doesn’t have DMARC records published. DMARC along with SPF and DKIM is recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for all business - Add to this the fact the attachment is a PDF and the email title is using the words invoice these will all increase the scoring of an email as it passes through the majority of email servers to indicate it is SPAM.

It would be good if Coconut could add DKIM and DMARC records for the email domain and potentially look at working with Validity, Agari or ReturnPath to improve mail deliverability.

IT Contractor with a few years experience of email delivery


@J.B that’s great news! So pleased to hear the idea is already in fruition. It sounds like there are so many great features coming to Coconut that will be really useful to me as a freelancer. I look forward to using them.

Very helpful Paul, I’ll get @ali to take a look.

Hey J.B - amazing. That’s great news. It will help or should help with chasing payments etc.

Just tried the new Invoice feature that notifies you when a client receives and then opens your invoice. It’s brilliant! So far it has worked properly for me (only been able to test it once). I sent an invoice to a client and when it was in there inbox I received a notification in the Coconut app. Then I got another notification when they opened the invoice this morning. As far as I can tell, Coconut is the only Business account to have this feature and it is so useful! I no longer have to wonder if a client received and opened my invoice. The worst problem was when sending new clients an invoice, as it was more likely to be sent to their spam folder, especially with an attachment.

Thank you for making this happen, really feel like Coconut users are being listened to and helped with our business banking needs. So excited for future features! :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback @VoiceActor, that’s fantastic to hear!

Nothing more an annoying than your invoice getting lost in someones spam folder :woman_facepalming:


Yeah, especially because then you are wondering if you will have to chase that client or badger them with emails asking them to confirm receipt. Everyone is busy and once a project is done, I am sure they don’t want lot’s of emails from me to add to their inbox stack.


Exactly! No need to chase them if you know they’ve seen it, but also good to know for sure when you should chase because they haven’t opened it yet and it’s getting close to the payment date.

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