Coconut emails and account flagged as 'Fraudulent'

Hi guys,

I’ve unfortunately lost a few potential clients this month as emails from the Coconut email invoicing system are being flagged as Dangerous - with people refusing to pay the invoice. The ‘Sent with Coconut’ link is being flagged as “suspicious that was used to steal people’s personal information.” - Please could this be looked into ASAP? As I can’t remove it from the email template from inside the app on send.

Could this be potentially removed for paid user plans?

I’ve also been made aware from an existing client that she’s had to force a payment through from her bank as my business account is being highlighted as ‘potential fraudulent’. It’s only started to happen recently but it’s already having an effect on my income.

I’ve attached just one client reply:

Do you know why this would be happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



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I can’t help directly, but it might help if you could add who is your email provider for example GMail, Office365, etc.

The problem with sending invoices via email is that this is exactly what the bad guys do with phishing scams. Commonly either the PDF has a virus (not in your case) or secondly the text of the email tries to get the recipient to follow a suspicious link and pay money to the wrong account. Mail providers such as Google, Microsoft and others use Anti-Malware to try and combat what is know as Business Email Compromise (BEC). Unfortunately it is difficult balancing act between blocking the bad guys and letting through the good guys.

Personally, I save the invoice to my OneDrive (akin to Google Drive) then use my mail client to construct a more appropriate email and attach the saved PDF to the client. Unfortunately this leaves the invoice in a draft state in Coconut which I raised as a feature change request.

Hope that helps and good luck


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Hi Paul,

thanks for the explanation on that - I currently use Zoho suite (which I’ve been using for years). Strange that it’s only just recently started to happen!

I’m going to give your suggestion a go and try that method.

many thanks!


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