Coconut on the Web

Coconut is a mobile-first business. Given we are mobile-first we appreciate that there are certain tasks that are better suited for a desktop experience. We created our first desktop experience last year by introducing the Accountant Portal.

What about a web app for the self-employed?
At present we do not have plans on releasing a Web app. The Coconut mobile experience is core to what we do and we believe we can provide a much richer experience by making this experience even better.

We will continue to invest in the Accountant Portal and make it much simpler for accountants to work with their self-employed customers.

Building out the Accountant Portal sets up a very strong foundation for a web app in the future.

Please reply back with any feedback you might have :+1:


I think a Web portal would be really useful. Certain things like copying and pasting details, such as Client details, transaction details, uploading receipts and attachments and exporting invoices and reports would be so useful on a desktop computer. At the moment I have to keep switching between apps to do certain tasks, or making files available in places my iPhone can see them to import them into Coconut. It would also be easier to type messages to support. I can see a lot of useful features that could be implemented into a web version of Coconut.


I would really love to be able to

“upload receipts and attachments”

To be able to do this on a desktop and also from my accountant to do it would be amazing!


I’d love to be able to generate invoices on desktop, so I can do them as part of my usual workflow, rather than having to switch to my phone.

Also reports, when I’m knee-deep in trying to do finances, it’s so much easier to do it on a desktop. (In fact, I think it’s proven that you’re actually more efficient when you have a bigger screen – that definitely feels true for me when it comes to looking at data!)


Maybe a bit of a mindset shift is needed.

Assuming you use a card, especially Coconut card, for everything, the easier it is. Everything is just done already, except attaching receipt as evidence for HMRC.

So when thinking “I need to upload an invoice / receipt from my laptop” – either have a cloud storage like Dropbox / Google Drive on both desktop and mobile, or just take a photograph of the laptop screen with the Coconut app.

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Maybe I am getting old but I find working from a mobile device challenging due to the real estate that is available. It is great that I can do a number of things from my mobile device with Coconut but at times when reconciling and correlating I’d prefer to have a web application where I can copy & paste more easily. Spending most of my time working on computers I am use to having dual monitors (2 x 27") going back to a mobile device is really painful. I get and appreciate mobile first and this should be the the primary interface but being able to view, print, correlate with Excel, MileIQ, Expensify via a web app would make my life a lot easier.


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Ditto the above comments, i’ve got an iPhone but the screen isn’t really ideal for doing a huge load of accounts, and also, having to take images and store them on my phone to do receipts is taking up a load of storage space and also not ideal for workflow and archiving the paperwork/accounting. It’s all fair and well for the accountants to have web access, but for those of us who do receipts ourselves, it is a massive pain to do everything on a phone screen.

Also, if you have ongoing projects for a couple of months, trawling through receipts and expenses for a project is very time consuming on the phone, rather than being able to do it on a web interface with a mouse!


Every now and then I prefer to just sit in front of my Mac or something and get through a lot of work - so a desktop portal would be a game changer.


In the meantime, is it possible to invite ourselves to the accountant portal and use it to access our own data? Are there any accreditation or other reasons that might stop this?

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Coconut on the Web will be very powerful and easier to carry out repetitive tasks.