Coconut Plan Subscription

How do other Coconut native users deal with the Coconut platform subscription in terms of reconciling the monthly direct debit?

As an investor I had the first 12-months of the plan for free, the benefit ended at the beginning of September. I’m now paying for the facility via direct debit but I don’t seem to receive a monthly invoice as I do with other subscriptions, e.g. Microsoft 365, Xero, Exepnsify.



Hi @Paul-B - you should be getting a monthly email receipt sent to you - let me look into why you’re not getting this and get back to you.

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Hi @adamjgo thanks for responding.

On the 1st September I received an email from “Team Coconut” with the subject “Payment collection reminder”. The body of the email stated payment would be taken soon after 6th September, but I can find any notification after the 6th or receipt.


Hi @adamjgo

Have you been able to uncover anything?