[Community Idea] New category & hello!

Hi Team/Community Coconut!

I’m really stoked to have invested in Coconut - I remember reading up on it when you first launched.

I’ve mulled over where to put this thread - which is where the idea part comes from.

For the community/and or investors, could there be a ‘general chat’ category where we can introduce ourselves, discuss other topics that don’t fit in the existing categories? Lots of others have a general category, for example;

Hope you’re all well, I’m looking forward to this journey!

Ry :grin:


Absolutely, the forum is aimed towards customers and that’s great but it would be nice to have a place for off-topic discussion. I have no need for the app as I’m an employee but as an investor it would be great to have a place to hang out - the crowdfunding category seems a little quiet at the moment.


Absolutely - this is my thought; it’s important that investors can have a place to chat about their investment and that the Coconut team can easily update us aswell.