Coronavirus and freelancing

Hi Everyone, I’m interested to hear whether you’re seeing an impact from Coronavirus on your work?

Or are you nervous that it’s going to have an effect through sickness or lower demand for your products or services?

Have you taken any steps that other people might benefit from to protect themselves or sure up their income?

Hi @samoc, I work as a therapist in London. I have found a lot of clients are being sent home from work and having to rearrange their sessions. Luckily I can offer counselling sessions via online video call so there is minimal interruption just a lot of shifting things around so we have sessions online. This also helps me and my clients minimise face to face contact and the spread of Coronavirus.

I haven’t yet seen a decrease in sessions or clients reaching out but will see how the upcoming months go…

I will make it through any dry dry spells with my savings. (which I can’t wait to keep in my coconut vault :slight_smile:)

I am interested to see others thoughts…

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I am a conference interpreter and translator. Two of my assignments have already been cancelled due to coronavirus as people are cancelling large events. I also am meant to be working for a couple of days in Milan in May. Watch that space. I am concerned about the following:

  • assignments being cancelled and, hence, not being able to recover income through other services I provide (such as translation, which can reduce the economic impact for me a bit but I do not think it can fully compensate)
  • loss of income through illness ( were I , touch wood, to contract the virus)
  • loss of income through any imposed self-isolation where I could not attend my interpreting assignment
  • loss of income due to other people either being ill or being in self-isolation or being reluctant to organise meetings I might work at

I am not sure what steps I can take to mitigate impact.


Fortunately I work fully remote, so I am good. Sorry others are struggling though! :pensive:

Thanks for all the responses. It sounds like a bit of a mix of situations across our Facebook group and here. I saw this was posted, so thought I’d share it here and hear your thoughts:

One of my clients works with events so it’s affecting her business because they’re being cancelled, she’s pivoting to try and offer online education (as opposed to speaking at events) to target people who have more time in the office. So my work with her is safe for now as it involves more work on her website.

I’ve actually had what is almost certainly just a cold over the past few days but it does come with a bad cough and so I’ve had to cancel in person-meetings for the next few days. One I can Skype into and the other I’m re-arranging but there’s one potential (paid) speaking opportunity I might have to miss. It’s been hard to know how much I need to “disclose” being under the weather but I’d rather be upfront and give people the choice. To be honest I’d rather they didn’t get my cold anyway as it’s quite evil.

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