Creating Recurring Invoices

Whilst you can duplicate invoices in the Coconut app, you can’t currently create recurring invoices. Having a way to set and forget recurring invoices would save time spent on admin and help you get paid on time.

How might it work
When creating an invoice, we’d give you the option to set recurring options on it. A bit like when scheduling a payment.


  • How would you see this working?
  • Which step of the create invoice flow would it make most sense to have the recurring invoice options?
  • What notifications would you want to receive about recurring invoices being created?
  • Would you like them to be sent automatically, or just drafts created automatically?

Yes please and actually I didn’t think about this with my reply to the “What would make you leave your accounting software” thread but actually this is another thing I do in Wave. I’ve not added an invoice in Coconut before but I’d expect it to be pretty early on in the process e.g. Create an invoice > Create a one-off invoice OR Create a recurring invoice.

I’d like to set and forget! With Wave you can have it copy you in so you know it’s been sent but I’m not even super bothered about that. So create and send automatically on the X day of the month.

Seconded! This is the only reason that I don’t leave Waze.

I run a VPS with several paying clients and having to send an invoice to them manually each month just isn’t an option for me.

Please can we have this soon Coconut team then I can transfer fully into the app :slight_smile:

I’d love this. Yes, a notification to say it’s been created would be great, then log into the app to confirm the send.