Crowdcube Payments Taken

I am ecstatic that payment has been taken.

Looking forward to seeing what Coconut Swag is available :eyes:

Can’t wait for this journey with Coconut!



Yep skint me taking my cash… but I know it’s going to worth it with Sam and the team. I want that share price to hit Xero price then I can take it easy. I am working three jobs to make up for what the ex wife took away from me and dumping it all in start ups as the stock market has gone too voletile and liable to crash any time soon. I’m used to being skint since my divorce 12 years ago(all the debt she left me with) and have been on lockdown since then. Makes me laugh when I here about mental health of people because of a few month of lockdown​:joy::joy::joy:. Not been on holiday shrimping and scaping. Started self employment last November paid all my remaining debts off, seen lockdown coming and got a third job for weekends to boost bank account even more. Not had a day off since new year’s Day just juggling half days here and there to keep the three jobs going in tandem. That’s my story anyway.
Forgot to mention all the kids have flown and I have time to myself and turn it into my retirement fund.