Custom units for invoices

I’d requested this a year ago. Haven’t seen any progress/updates.

Can you please add an option for ‘Custom’ units, instead of just hours, weeks, months, etc.? (I do editing, and need to invoice costs at per page or word count rates or even project rates depending on type of editing, instead of an hourly rate, for example.)

How do others handle this issue? (ATM, I add a whole notes to invoices as explanation, but this is not ideal.)


Hi Ayesha
Thanks for bringing this up again. I’m sorry you’ve not seen any progress on this so far. I’ve added this to our list of invoice improvements for us to tackle when we next do a sprint on Invoices, which I’m hoping will be in an upcoming cycle (we structure our work around 6 week cycles).
I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress on this


Great. Thanks @J.B! Hope to hear something soon.