Customer service is awesome

@samoc - In the last few weeks, I’ve had to contact customer services for a few minor queries. Each time I’ve done so via the website chat facility. I wanted to feedback that I am really impressed with the speed, knowledge and friendliness of the Coconut staff that I have chatted with. Each one has understood my issue and has the knowledge to resolve my problem or question without referral or delay. Running a business is time-consuming so knowing that if I have an issue I can get it resolved quickly is very important.

I hope that as Coconut grow this first-class customer service is not lost, currently it is a strong differentiator and competitive advantage. Many organisations seem to get to a point in growth where they start looking for savings, unfortunately, customer service seems to be seen as a cost rather than an important if not the most important interaction with the customer. Please try to maintain the standards you have, don’t dilute customer service, don’t offshore or silo teams into specific areas.

Once again hats off to those that have helped me in the last few weeks, I will be telling others of my very positive experience, and yes I have given a 5-star review on TrustPilot



I agree, your customer service team are incredible and even put the likes of Apple to shame but I agree with Paul, I fear that this will slip as you grow. Monzo is a prime example, they were pioneers of the in-app chat functionality and now their customer service is terrible. I feel like I know some of your guys on first-name terms :joy:, I really hope you find a way of scaling such great service. Keep it up Coconut, you’re still one of the best companies I deal with and I’m so glad I use your services and invested in you!


Hi @Paul-B and @arthurtindsley :wave:

I’m Eva and I take care of Customer Operations here at Coconut. Thank you both so much for your kind words! I’ve passed this on to the whole team and we’re all chuffed with your comments :relaxed:

I’m with you @arthurtindsley - it’s so easy to lose the grip once you scale up. But we’re determined not to let that happen. We always take extra steps to ensure our team are comfortable and up to date with all new features and equipped to answer questions not just quickly, but thoroughly. As we grow we plan to continue to go above and beyond for any customer that needs our help. And as much as we take great pride in our customer service, we couldn’t make it without our awesome community - you guys certainly make it as easy as possible for us! :blue_heart:

Feel free to get in touch with me personally if you ever need anything in the future.



Yes I agree, I had a question about invoicing and the person I was chatting to promised to come back to me in the morning after checking if there was any other way around a problem I was having and the message was there waiting for me first thing. Even though she couldn’t solve the issue, I felt like she understood my pain points and did everything she could. Also thanks @Paul-B for starting this thread it’s so nice to have a place to say positive feedback :white_heart: I heard a quote from a podcast the other day where a company said customer support were worth the same amount to the company as developers and really think this is true.

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I think it is really important to share good customer service experience as well as complaining when things go wrong. Not sure the inverse of the stat is true but it used to be that 1 person, on average, would tell 11 other people if they experienced a bad experience. So the comparison of the value-add of good customer service staff to a developer is probably very true.

In my early career, I worked for John Lewis and back then before they did any advertising word of mouth reputation was absolutely critical to success. Everyone was taught how to approach (or more accurately not approach) customers and how to deal with complaints. They use to spend a fortune on goodwill, but also drummed into us never, ever to use that word. Unfortunately, my experience of late is that customer service at John Lewis has been sacrificed to save costs, and they have lost the understanding and importance they once held so dear.