Customise Account Colour/Icon

I’ve got multiple accounts from the same bank set up, it would be great if I could assign a colour (only a block colour to replace the bank’s logo, nothing awful and big) or icon to the account in the ribbon at the top of the app rather than be stuck with the bank’s logo.

Even just block colour options would be nice (it’d become second nature that my current account is blue etc), but adding a few icons would be good too. A ‘Vault’ icon, ‘Cash’ icon, ‘Card’ icon etc would make it really easy to distinguish what I’m looking at.

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A vault icon is in the works I think. But good ideas.

Yep I meant these sort of options, styled to match the app as an alternative to the bank logo.

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Yeah I get you. I think it’s something in the midsts of being added to the list

Hi Will,

Thanks for the idea, it would be really cool to give that level of customisation.

Can I ask a bit more about your idea though so I fully understand where you’re coming from.
a) why is that you’d want to do this? is it stylistic, or is it for a functional purpose?
b) If functional, please add a bit more detail on the issue you currently face and how you think this could help solve it



Hi JB,

For my specific use case I’ve got an imported account from Lloyds, which then has 4 sub accounts, for me these are:

Current Account
Maintenance Costs
Insurance/Service Charges etc

These all display as separate accounts in the app ribbon but are all the same bank. Some of them are just savings pots that have funds dripping in every month to cover costs rather than truly ‘active’ accounts, but they all still show the same Lloyds icon. Stylistically it would be helpful to have an easier way to distinguish them, plus it’s gets pretty old just looking at the Lloyds icon the whole time :slight_smile: When I scroll between them at the moment the only distinction is the Account Name, which isn’t given as much weighting in the ribbon, and the Balance. The Icon space seems like a great place to add an option to customise display to the user’s preference and would add visual distinction.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

OK, this is interesting. Are these Lloyds accounts actual accounts (i.e. do they have a sort-code and account number), or do Lloyds offer ‘Pot’-like functionality like Monzo now?

In terms of immediate improvements, you might have seen our thread on the product roadmap and the future of the dashboard. One of our improvements is the ability to rename accounts to something that makes more sense to you. This will update what you see on the ribbon also, so that will help. I really like the idea of a custom icon though. Leave this with me and I can see where we might be able to accommodate something like this.


Hi JB,

Thanks, that sounds great.

With a Lloyds current account you can open (I think max 5) ‘Easy Saver’ savings accounts to run alongside it, they all have individual S/C and account number. When I originally added my Lloyds account to Coconut it asked me what accounts I wanted to bring in, so I chose them all. I guess it’s similar to Monzo’s intended use case (because you can give them custom names in Lloyds for ‘holiday fund’ or as I do ‘Tax pot’ etc) but they are actual full accounts.

It actually highlights another quirk, which is because I have multiple accounts all in Coconut with the same bank it thinks that the standing orders between them are a cost/income, when actually it’s just me saving money into my ‘pots’.

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I remember Lloyds bringing this sort of thing in when they created Club Lloyds - nice idea, but one wishes it was a little more like Monzo Pots as it’s quicker and easier in my opinion (I’m not a great fan of the Lloyds mobile app!).

It’s good to see you are getting these teething problems - it’s going to help build up an amazing app which I honestly see having a great future with users and investors like us who are likeminded.

Yep, that seems to ring a bell.
The reason the Lloyds saving accounts were good is that they did have bonus interest rates, which used to be useful… :slight_smile: Not really so relevant any more…

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Yes a very big “used to”!!

Hi Will
Just to follow up on this, what icons would you hope to see? What things/concepts would you want represented?

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Hey JB,
Your existing icon set for transaction categories is great, having a standardised icon set for use throughout the app makes sense too I guess. I’d just use that and add to it over time if necessary? The app that made me think of it is MoneyWiz, they have a good icon set and you can choose what icon you want to represent specific expense/income categories (they have way too many to pick from though).

Some examples I would use would be:

  1. You’ve got a ‘umbrella’ icon, I have 1 account/pot in the bank (and Coconut) that is just a savings pot for insurance, so I might choose to use this icon for this account.
  2. Same goes for the ‘piggy bank’ icon with my tax savings account etc.
  3. Because it’s BTL, I have a maintenance funds account, I’d probably go for a ‘hammer’ icon :slight_smile:

It would vary between use cases, I imagine self employed users would have pots or accounts for various different reasons, but the icon set would allow them to customise the display to aid recognition/usability and prevent repetition of the bank logo. You could also try some block colours or gradient colours etc (I’m thinking about the icon space to the left of the account balance and account name in the ribbon).

You could just add a couple of customisation options to this screen and then the changes would be reflected throughout the app:

Hope that helps.

Yep totally. I was more just interested to know the kinds of icons you’d favour for your own use cases.

I think you’re right that we need a way of customising the bank logos for those that have multiple accounts from the same provider. Especially in the world of the dashboard where we will have a unified transactions list view. Here it will be important to be able to easily distinguish between accounts. We could do some nice things here:


Yeah that would be great, I’m so excited for the dashboard because I really think your killer feature isn’t the actual account management/transaction tracking etc, it’s the insight and business intelligence info that data can unlock. Small businesses just don’t have access to that info in the same way that larger enterprises do.
I guess some work on the flexibility of these sorts of displays now provides a lot of futureproofing, it’ll be useful as you work on vaults, if you want to add in investment/pension functionality in the future etc.
Exciting times! Those concepts in the image on your reply look great.

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Hi @J.B
I noticed over the weekend that Lloyds are now offering this:

May be one to share with the team if you weren’t already aware, I didn’t realise it existed and they don’t seem to push it, £5 per month.
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Thanks for link, I didn’t know about this either. I’ll share this with the team now

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