Don’t charge per transaction


I understand the new charges are coming in soon and I’m happy to pay the full whack for the service but as a suggestion, if we are paying for a full service can we not get charged £0.20 per transaction over the threshold?
Just feels like I’m paying more for the service but I’m getting charged for more on top which doesn’t really make sense. Just include it.

I’m not sure what the competitors have planned for the future but currently they have unlimited transactions for £7 a month.



Agree. @samoc can you please consider including unlimited transactions for this package. I’m currently being charged 20p every time a customer pays via Coconut or Stripe when I’m over the current threshold. It feels like an unreasonable fee per transaction.

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Thanks for the feedback @samuelsparrow. Let me share with the team and come back to you on this tomorrow.

Hi @TCS @samuelsparrow,

We have an increasing number of customers that use and pay for Coconut without having a Coconut current account, but instead connect to their current account with another provider. That’s why our pricing is split into two parts: A monthly subscription for the bookkeeping and tax tools, and then bank transfer fees for the Coconut current account if you have one.

For customers that do have a Coconut current account, the bank transfers sent to and from Coconut current accounts go through the UK’s Faster Payment network. Each transfer costs us 20p per transfer on average.

As we’ve grown, our no limits policy has become unsustainable and so our new plans introduce some fees and allowances. Each month there’s a free allowance, and after that it will be 20p per transfer. You get 5 or 10 free each month based on whether you’re on the Side Hustle or Professional plan.

You can read more about the changes to our price plans last month here:


Hi Adam, thanks for your reply.

I’m a bit confused - a coconut current account? I’ve not see of one nor is it on the main site? As long as I’ve used the bank I’ve never known Coconut to be used without having an account of some kind? Can you send a link to the current account, I might sign up for it.

I get what your saying about it not being sustainable, but could it not be priced with unlimited transactions included? I’d really not rather have to think “Oh I’m over my transactions” on a monthly basis and it takes away from the overall positive points of the service.