Expenses / Purchases adjustment

Hi There,

I know a lot of ideas are currently getting thrown at you, and you are working your hardest to implement them, whilst keeping the app as sleek and simple as possible.

The only thing is that sometimes purchases or made which are expenses for the buisness. I attach a copy of the receipt and the value gets added to my expenses. However within a few of the orders that I have made, I have had to return some things in which later a refund is applied to my account. But the original full order value still goes against my expenses and the refund goes in to my account as income. It would be great if possible to manually adjust the total value on each. I hope this makes sense. Going tax digital I’m trying to avoid having to do a separate spreadsheet for my accountant with the corrections.

Thank you


I find refunds usually get auto tagged with the same expense category as the original purchase, so when I come to do my accounts I see a “negative expense” if that makes sense, and the overall tax liability is correct. You can then attach the refund receipt to the refund and it all works out quite nicely without having to change amounts, which can sometimes make things really confusing later on when you’ve forgotten what happened. I can see how this might not work for some people or why an accountant might not appreciate it. But I do my own taxes and it makes sense to me at least!