Exporting Transactions for Wave

Feedback that when exporting transactions to import into Wave, they need data in 4 columns, which means the current CSV export needs to be manipulated before it can be imported.

Maybe we could have options for eg ‘Wave-friendly’ exports.

Are there other cases like this with other use cases for transaction data exports?

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There are other banking apps that have a CSV export function (just like Coconut) but some of them have the option to ‘Export for Wave’, ‘Export for Freeagent’, ‘Export for Quickbooks’ and each one is optimised for importing into the specific application.

Maybe when you choose to export from Coconut it gives you the option to export as CSV (which would be all data) and other options to export for specific applications, so in the case of Wave, only the 4 columns of data needed and all currency values exported in British Pounds, because if there is more than one currency in the CSV file, Wave fails to import it.