Exporting your receipts & attachments

You can add your receipts to your transactions by taking a photo or uploading from the storage apps on your phone. To get them out of the app, you can ask us and we email you a zip file with all your attachments.

But it would be better if you had a way to get this out of the app yourself without having to go through our support team.


  • If you had a button in the app to get your receipts/attachments sent to you via email to download, would that be useful?
  • When would you use this? To send to your accountant?
  • Accountants can get access to your receipts through the Accountant Portal, is there any other reason you’d need to download all your receipts?
  • We name these prefixed with the date in reverse (eg 200304 for 4th Mar 2020) so that the are stored in date order in the folder we send you, is that ok (we also put the description and amount in the name)?

What I would like to be able to export more is my invoices - so I can easily calculate by month what I’ve invoiced and see how the customer paid. Only 65% or customers pay via bank transfer. The rest is cheque. Cash. PayPal Etc and at the moment there is no way to get a snap shot of this or even seeing how they paid despite being able to record how they paid on the invoice. Sorry. Off topic but high on my radar and something I’ve raised multiple of times.

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This is a good idea.

An export button would be really useful. Sometimes for tasks/projects I’m carrying out, I need to buy extra things or something, so the ability to export these to attach to the invoice as proof of purchase for the customer would be handy - although, being able to add them automatically to an invoice would be even better if we could get to that someday?

I also like to keep a digital trail of purchase etc for easy call-back if I get a repeat customer - I can check where I got a certain item from etc, so this is another use of when I’d use this.

I also agree with this idea - again I like to keep a digital trail in an iCloud folder for example of all things relating to a project.