Feature Spotlight- Bank Feeds & Re-Authentication

In the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of the new features of our portal that we’ve built to help you service your sole traders in the most effective way.

We’re very happy to be growing our network of partner accountants, so get in touch if you’d like to talk about how we can help you craft the perfect package for your sole traders.

Bank Feed Overview

In the Accountant Portal, you can now view all your client’s connected bank feeds. You’ll be able to see whether connections are active or expired and the various accounts that have been connected. Ensuring you’re working with real-time data.

Simple Bank Feed Re-Authentication

We’ve all been there. Your client’s bank feed has expired in your cloud accounting software and it’s a real challenge to get your client to sit down at their laptop and re-authenticate.

Being mobile-first, Coconut makes it really easy for your client to keep their bank feeds connected so you have everything you need when you login. We send quick push notifications as soon authentications expire to encourage them to re-authenicate.

OB Reauth Notification

Head into the Portal and check it out! If you have any feedback you can drop us a reply here.