Feedback: Marking Invoices as Paid

Hey team!

Loving all the new stuff being added, PayPal is great for me with international transfers, a lot of folks I work with find it easier!

One thing for me, I’ll often find that people just pay in without sorting the reference to have payments line up with invoices, or they’ll batch stuff together. This means I need to go through and mark an invoice is paid. From the point of logging in, I have to tap 7 times to get back to the invoices page. Even from there, it’s another 6 per invoice. Unless I’ve missed a faster way, this is a bit of a faff every time. It’s a really minor thing, but it does bug me! Perhaps a swipe to mark as paid, do away with the confirmation pop-up in favour of a notification or similar?


Hey @jacksbyrne thanks for the idea - I’ll make sure @J.B hears about it and we’ll take a look. FWIW I find swipe-to-action super handy in lists, too.


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Hey @ali, just wanted to follow up on this, would love to know if it’s been passed on

Hi @jacksbyrne

It definitely has been passed on and I love the idea.
We’re not due to work on the invoices screen in the immediate future, but I’m very much keeping this top of mind for when we do, or for if we get some spare time that we can squeeze it in.

Ta, JB