Income categories

Hi I want to be able to monitor different streams of income however currently there is only one income account. A couple more customisable income categories will solve the problem.

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Hi Sara,

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts. Can I just ask you a bit more about your idea please?

  • Is this referring to the categorisation of transactions?
  • If so, how would you want to differentiate the income? Is there specific categories that you’d like to see?
  • Would it be useful to see income by client instead?


Hi, for me personally it will be useful to have IT income, Tuition Income and Product income. Obviously, this is not suitable for everyone. So ideally if there was Income1, Income2 and Income3 and we were able to customise/change their labels.

Initially, when money comes into the account it can default to Income1 then we can modify the transaction to go into the correct category.

Sara xx

I wonder if a solution like this might work:

Yes that is a good idea as long as we can filter by it in Excel/spreadsheet software.