Investor Update

Hello Team Coconut…

Any chance of an investor update as haven’t seen anything for a few months. Just high level commercials (actuals vs forecast) for 20 and plans and targets for 21/22. Is the reporting cadence quarterly for investors?


Hi Stephen, did you receive an update in October? If not I can resend it.

Thanks Sam. Yeah didn’t receive that one. If you don’t mind sharing that would be good and to also ensure I’m on the list for future ones.

Hope things are going great…

Cheers :beers:

Hey Sam - any chance you guys can send this to me or post on the forum here as still haven’t received. Cheers Stephen

Sorry to keep asking guys but no one seems to be a actioning this. Can you please send this to me?


Ok I’ll try one last time. Can you please send it through. TY v Much

Hi Steven.
Can you send me an email to and we’ll get it sorted out for you


Hello Sam - when are you planning to share the latest investor update? The last one I recvd was from Oct as per my messages above. I just talked with JB and he mentioned he’d left Coconut therefore, reaching out to you directly.



Any update on the above ?

I also would like to see this please?
Not received