Issues with attaching receipts to transactions

Is anyone else having problems with the attachment tool in Coconut? When I try to attach a receipt from my photo library on an iPhone Xs (iOS 13.3.1 and Coconut version 1.16.2) and go to view it, I get a blank screen. If I try to attach an image using the ‘browse files’ option, I get an error message stating the file type (JPG) is not supported. I have also tried converting a picture to PDF, I can then successfully attach the file to my transaction but when I preview it, I get a white screen with ‘access denied’ at the top.

Hey @VoiceActor - sorry about this :thinking: this looks like our security systems being a bit over zealous to me. I will ensure this gets looked at by the team. We certainly do support JPG (as well as PDF and PNG) so that’s unexpected. Did you just pick a photo from your Photos app? Let us get back to you but a workaround for now would be to log out from Settings and back in.


Hi Ali,

I followed your workaround and logged out and back in from the settings menu and it worked! I can now preview the images (both PDF and PNG files) I previously attached to my transactions. I have not tried attaching a new picture or file yet, but will let you know if that is an issue.

Yes, I took a picture of my receipts using the native iPhone camera app and picked the photo from the iPhone photo library through Coconut. I also tried attaching a PDF version of the photo using the ‘Browse Files’ option in Coconut and that works now too. I prefer to take pictures using the iPhone camera app, because I can zoom in to the picture I have taken to make sure all the text is readable and I can also crop out any background, which I cannot do using the Coconut app. It would be really good if you could zoom into the preview picture to make sure everything is clear in Coconut before saving, otherwise there’s no way of telling if the information is clear until after saving it.

Thanks for your help, a very easy fix.


I had this problem too ages ago - all my attachments came up blank. Was advised to log out and log back in, which worked, I could see everything again. That was quite a while ago, months at least. It’s just happened again though. I’ll try the logout again but thought I’d report it as I’d seen this post.

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