Jam jars/ envelopes/ saving spaces

Is it possible to create jam jars, envelopes or saving spaces within the account we have, for savings for projects, or say holidays etc?

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A very sought after feature Jonathan, Coconut calls them "Vaults’ and they’re in the “Up Next” swimlane on the coconut roadmap.

There was also a post about them here on Coconut Bite a while ago: Saving for Tax (aka Vaults)

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Thanks for pointing that out @karltaylor

Hi There, this was actually delayed a little because of Covid, but is firmly on the roadmap now for the next cycle. We don’t have an exact date, but rest assured that we’re working on it.

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Hi @samoc - do you have an approximate timeline for this feature?

Is it days, weeks, months or years ?

If it’s going to be a long time, I will set up a separate bank account just to store tax in, obviously I’d prefer not to do this, but don’t really want to continue without any money set aside for too much longer. Either way - a very rough expected launch date would be extremely helpful (understand that can’t commit to exact dates etc)


Hi @ajagordon!

This work is being done as we speak! Honestly, this is one of the things I’m most excited about delivering, as is the team. The likely outcome is 8-12 weeks for the first version to be released. As with all things, it may take longer than expected, but that will be a result of a delay rather than a re-prioritisation.


Okay great, that’s really useful to know. Thanks for prompt reply :+1: