Latest iOS version (1.33.0) Q's and bug

Congrats on the new features of Version 1.33.0. I am a bit confused though.

I really liked the new Business Transactions section released a little while ago. It really helped me understand which transactions were being calculated as income and business expenses in a clear and simple way. However, in the new update I can only see the transactions for this month and no other. Is this how it is supposed to be? I personally preferred being able to see my whole history of Business transactions in this section, but perhaps just a clear monthly separator?

Also, when I do a search in the ‘business transactions section’ the search results get stuck in a buffer with no search result (screenshot attached).

Hey @VoiceActor :wave:

If you tap on the “See transactions” button beneath your monthly summary, you should then see all of your business transactions - not limited to any timeframe. Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks for sharing the issue you’re having with search too - I’ll pass this on to the team now so they can investigate.


@nesskent thanks for the reply. Yes I tap ‘See transactions’ and am then taken to the ‘Business Transactions’ section, but I can only see the business transactions for this month. Is this what I am meant to see? If I then swipe left from the top, I can see my bank feeds, which is all my transactions - not limited to any timeframe, but, this obviously includes all transactions, not just the ones categorised as business.

I have sent a screenshot to you.

Ah I see, yeah that doesn’t sound right. Your “All business transactions” list shouldn’t be restricted to the current month. We’ll look into this and come back you!

Ok, well I’m relieved that constricting it to a month is not the new feature.

Thank you

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Hi @VoiceActor !

Just taking over from Ness here, would you be able to share with us your name and business name, or the email address you used to sign up with Coconut that we can look into this issue for you? Seems like something funny is going on, and we want to make sure we get it right for you.

Please feel free to message me directly on if you prefer to keep your details off the thread!


I just installed the latest update of Coconut and the problem is fixed! I can now see all my business transactions again.

Thanks for the quick action :blush: