Low balance alerts?

There was a suggestion on our public roadmap for low balance alerts a while ago, but we haven’t heard much else about this request.

We send your balance in every push notification we send about a payment you make or receive.

But are there other instances where you’d like to receive a specific push notification about having a low balance that we’re not currently sending?

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I get this in Revolut and I really like it. Because our nanny uses the Revolut card for kids stuff, I’m able to keep it topped up so I have a specific reason for liking it.

With Coconut it might be good if you have Standing Orders / Scheduled Payments that are going to fail for instance.

Sorry I’m doing a mass reply to threads so you’re probably sick of my little face :joy: Just to say I really like how Monzo shows you the upcoming transactions kind of greyed out so you can see ahead what’s coming. And then it tells you if you don’t have enough money to cover an upcoming payment. Also I’d love to be able to see all my regular payments in one place (for me that would mainly be software subscriptions via card payments and insurance and membership payments via direct debits).