Manual Transactions

Hi Coconut Team,
Please can you publish some instructions on how we should use the new manual transaction function for split transactions where part is personal use and part is business.

Should we pay for such a transaction out of our coconut account and transfer or make manual transaction of the part personal payment?

Or should we pay for the transaction in a non-business account and create a manual transaction for the business portion?

Having played with the function this morning on the new Android release, I can see it might be fiddly trying to add these manual transactions for past payments whilst trying to remember the date they were on as you can not adjust the transaction date after creating a manual transaction. I was hoping that you could enter a manual transaction as part of an existing transaction or at least be able to start a manual transaction whilst viewing an existing transaction and have the date, payee & value already filled in.

Either way it is good to have a new function to enter adjustments, thank you all for this. I would just like to discuss what the best practice would be if we were to keep out coconut accounts for business payments.

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Oh I was hoping it would be possible to just easily click a tab to add a manual transaction/expense even if you don’t have a linked bank account. Obviously it would be good to be able to easily split a transaction from a linked account too but hoping you can also do it without. We’ll wait to see what the team say.

@Sam05 You can Sam! There is no account field to fill in for a manual adjustment record, it all seems to be attached to an account called “Manual adjustments” (although this does not show as a swipable account in it’s own right… maybe it should!).

In the current android app the only things I can fill in when creating one are :

  1. Payment in or out
  2. Amount
  3. Category
  4. Date (not adjustable once saved, you have to delete and re-enter if there is an error)
  5. Description (I guess payee and any reference numbers go here).

I guess we just have to use manual adjustment records to record anything business related outside of our coconut accounts and don’t tag the full payment in a linked account as business use (even though the payee and date would be recorded there). You can still add an attachment to the manual adjustment, so at least you can add a receipt and VAT amount.

Oh thanks for letting me know Ralph! I don’t quite understand where in the app I can find and do this or maybe it’s not available on iPhone yet but still good to know I will be able to do it once I work out how! :grin:

Hi Ralph & Sam,

Thank you for posting! It’s true, we haven’t been very clear in our communication - I’ve spoken with our team so we’ll try and address that right away! Rest assured we don’t charge for creating manual adjustments :slight_smile:

We tried to make the functionality of manual adjustments as flexible as possible so that you can use it for different cases. For example, you can:

  • Use it to track your home working allowances
  • Track a part of a transaction that was for personal and business use
  • Record fees that do not appear in your bank transactions, e.g. Paypal fees
  • Include cash transactions in your records

If you have any others that we should include, I’d love to know!

It’s also great to get your feedback about it being fiddly. We’ll be looking into how we can make this better. You should be able to create manual adjustments without having any accounts connected, and this is the case on iOS. We investigated this issue, however, and realised it wasn’t quite the same on Android - we’ll try and get that fixed as soon as we can!

Please do keep these comments coming - we always love hearing from our customers about our new features so we know how we can make them better!

Thanks again for your comments!


Thanks so much! I’m so happy to have this new feature :champagne: It’s now possible for me to move over completely to Coconut! It was the one feature missing for me to be able to switch fully till now.
Obviously a web version of the app would be the icing on the cake but I can wait for that :blush:

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