Manually enter past income / expenses when opening a new Coconut account

I’m having difficulties connecting 2 accounts from the same bank to Coconut. In the meantime, a potential workaround would be to allow me to manually enter past income and expenses so that Coconut could still calculate my tax accurately.

I’m guessing that this would also help people who had been using their personal account to manage their business finances for part of the tax year and have a very ‘messy’ transaction list as a result. Rather than connecting their personal account, to provide their transaction history, they could use this instead.

Turns out this can be done already :raised_hands:

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Hi there Alex,
Just to confirm, on the ‘Manage your accounts’ screen (accessible from the cog in the top right of the accounts screen), when you tap into Monzo are both of your accounts turned on?

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There’s only one account displayed, even though I gave the app access to both.