Mileage Tracking

It would be great if you could add in mileage as an expense so that it’s reflected in your tax calculation. So for example, you tell the app I drove ten miles today, so it adds £4.50 expenses. (This would also be great for all simplified expenses actually, like home office)

For me I don’t do that much driving, so I don’t need the app to physically track my mileage, I’d be happy to add that in manually.


Yes I’m interested in this too

@markpolo That’s a brilliant idea! I too do only some driving for business, so being able to tell the app how much I drove and it calculates and inputs the expense would be superb!

I’d love to be able to just add in the miles I’ve done and for Coconut to add it to my expenses calculation, instead of me having to work out the 0.45p per mile bit.

But then I thought, I also would love an option for other simplified expenses like home office. And even to be able to add in a portion of other expenses, like broadband at home for example. If you could set these up, or select from a list, and then fill them out each month or quarter, that would be so helpful for me and mostly remove the need for any accounting software.

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I don’t use the simplified mileage method, as most of my mileage is business. I would like to see a tool for calculating the amount I need to pay for personal use based on % mileage.

I’ve been using MileIQ for the last few weeks and have been very impressed. It learns your routes and starts to automatically categorise based on learned behaviour. So a journey from home to Maidstone was marked as business after a couple of manual categorisations, now every time I do the journey it automatically defines this journey as business at a rate of 45p/mile. Better for Coconut to integrate than re-invent, in my opinion.


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This is another brilliant idea. @samoc @adamjgo is this something you could look at alongside the Time Tracking / Billing Hourly Rates topic?

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