Multi-user Access

This thread is to capture requirements for multi-user access, such as Limited companies with multiple directors, including:

  • Multi-user access to the app
  • Debit card per Director
  • Support for Partnerships

Yes basically all of the above. We’ve held off moving from Tide for our joint (Limited Company) business because we’d like to both have debit cards and access to the app individually. And for me to also have access to my sole trader Coconut account on the same device (like on the slashie thread).

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Multi-user access is vital for us (LTD co. with two directors). It’s impractical for us to be in direct contact with each other just so the non-account holder can check if a transaction has gone through etc. We hope that there are concrete plans for this to happen.

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Yes I think that’s pretty important, when trying to migrate existing limited company clients to Coconut the one app, one phone, one user aspect is proving a right turn off! Multiple directors are common and when they think just one of them will have access to the company bank account (with no web based online banking) things get a lite fraught :blush:

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All of these are options I could possibly use in the future when growing, especially if I have an accounts administrator for example to handle this side of things for me.

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Another vote for this please, we have 2 directors and need extra access when not together

Thanks !

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Another vote for this please too! We are limited company with 2 directors and need to have access independently. Like @katycarlisle I would also need access to my sole trader Coconut account on the same device


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Our LTD is also run with two directors and we both need access to the account. Really want to upvote this so Coconut can allow this functionality!


+1 for this feature.
Regarding UX, trust is a lot tighter in a small company so interface can be simple and doesn’t need overarching rule sets for different users. Basic requirements from our perspective (two directors, three shareholders, two overseas) for our limited company would be:

  1. Threshold for payments (execute without requiring a second confirmation) would have the format of £X over X amount of time (week/month). It’s a simple interface but captures a policy that can be agreed upon for all payments. Making this visible is also good business sense. Second confirmation can come in the form of a notification and email when necessary.
  2. Users groups could be as follows:
    a) First user setting up Coconut sets policy in point 1)
    b) Directors which can execute payments
    c) Other users which can only view balance, entire ledger, etc. (sourced from contacts on phone, which can aid onboarding)