NEW: Coconut Accounting Services

Today is an exciting day as we launch Coconut Accounting Services; end to end accounting for self-employed people, delivered through our network of partner accounting firms.

We know that accountants provide an invaluable service to small business owners, and that’s why we built the Coconut Accountant Portal - to allow our customers to work seamlessly with their accountants.

But we often get asked where customers can find accounting services. So, we built a solution in partnership with a growing number of accounting firms: Coconut Accounting Services.

Following a successful pilot last year, we’re now launching this service to all of our customers who don’t yet have an accountant, with a broader set of subscription options (you’ll also need to be on our Grow plan to sign up).

Whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company, and whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just getting started, we’ve got a package to suit you.

For those that already have an accountant, we’ll always encourage you to share access to your account with them through the Coconut Accountant Portal.

But if you don’t yet have an accountant, we can match you with one of our Accountant Partners.

We’ll connect you with a qualified accountant to work with you and support your business throughout the tax year. It means you can get all of your accounting done through Coconut as one simple service.

You find out more about the service on our blog, or head straight to our pricing page to check out the different plans on offer.

We’re on hand to answer any questions too, so fire away :+1:

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Is this for Limited companies too?

Yes @Jonc - you can see all of the packages here:

Good to see Coconut increasing their offering. I’m sure it’s early days, and I’ve been waiting for something like this from Coconut, but the current pricing for my personal situation appears to be more than incumbents like Crunch.

I suspect there is a lot under the hood that I’m not taking into account, but my current situation is:

  • Two Directors (although I’m the sole share holder)
  • I’m an IT Contractor who doesn’t have a huge amount of expenses, and fairly consistent (monthly) invoices.
  • Once in a while I’ll have a question that i’d only feel comfortable knowing an accountant has advised on. But it’s not that frequent.
  • VAT registered

I’d currently fall in the “ultimate” package. For comparison, Crunch is about ~£65 + VAT (paid yearly), but self assessment is additional (~£75+VAT). For this I get most of what I need, and always get questions I need answered.

Having said that, I haven’t connected my bank account to Crunch which I now think they charge a little extra for, and I appreciate the experience Coconut have built would probably be a lot better. I’m also aware the accountancy part of this is not in house, but I’m just thinking from a pricing perspective how this might be perceived/what the driver for me to switch over to Coconut would be (perhaps I’m not the target audience).

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Hi Dave

Yes this isn’t priced to be the cheapest, quite intentionally. We want to strike the balance between giving great value and good quality products to customers, whilst supporting our accountant partners and ensuring they can provide a good service.

Another piece of feedback we’ve received about Crunch that we wanted to avoid was that they have a call centre approach. You talk to someone different each time you call or get in touch. With our solution you are allocated one accountant that knows your business. This is one of the key differentiators, and something we want to maintain.

We believe that the relationship between an individual and accountant can be a lot more valuable than just purely remaining compliant.



Sounds along the lines of Tax scouts £119 including vat all in for each self employed assessment.

But they don’t deal with Ltd Companies I believe