NEW: We’ve added Tide, TransferWise, Tesco Bank and Virgin Money

We’ve had quite a few requests for new banks to be added, and so we’re excited to say that you can now connect Tide, TransferWise (GBP accounts), Tesco Bank and Virgin Money accounts to Coconut.

To help us iron out any niggles - we’d love to hear from you if you have one of these accounts! Tell us how you got on and if you encountered any issues.

You can do it in exactly the same way as any other current account or credit card (for speed: click here if you’re reading this on your phone or head into the app and look out for the :gear: icon, top right on the accounts tab).

Once you’re done, Coconut can get to work categorising all of your expenses, across every account you use for business, helping you get a better view of your taxes.

Just fire up the app to get started!

The full list of over 20 banks you can connect to Coconut is here.


This is great as I have a business savings account with Virgin. I just tried to login and got all the way through to the end and got this error.

Any ideas?

Hey @arthurtindsley - sorry about that, @russ and @ali are just looking at this now for you! We’ll report back shortly…

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Hey @arthurtindsley, thanks or the quick feedback! We’ve spotted the problem and should hopefully have a fix for it in the next release over the coming days. If you don’t mind, I might get in touch and ask you to try again to make sure it’s all working for you as expected :+1:

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Wow, that was quick. Thanks!

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This is great stuff!

You used to have an integration with Payoneer, but then it stopped. Is there any scope to integrate with Payoneer again, through open banking or some other way?


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Hi Arthur,

We’d love your help testing Virgin Money. I’ve sent you a message via the in-app chat.