Note Icon Next to Transactions

I really like how you can see all the transactions that have a receipt or file attached by showing a paperclip icon next to the transaction category. Can we please also have a note icon when a transaction has a note added?

I usually check over all my transactions on a weekly or fortnightly basis to make sure I have attached all receipts and added any notes. I often forget if I have added a note to certain transactions and it would be useful to have a little note icon, rather than having to go into each transaction to check.

I was thinking of something like this (pictured) that would appear next to the category and/or paperclip icon @J.B ?

Thank you

Hi Shash,

This is a nice idea. What are you using the notes for? Is it a reminder of what the expense was, or is it part of a grander organisational plan?

Does anyone use notes as park of their Coconut workflow? If so, what for?


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Hey J.B,

Yes, mainly as a reminder of what a transaction was, sometimes it is a note of action, such as ‘remember to attach the receipt when you receive it’ or it could be a mileage or percentage note, so I remember not the whole transaction was a business expense.

At the moment, I might add notes on the journey home but by the end of the week, I forget I did, so I have to go into all transactions from the last 7 or 14 days to make sure I did add notes. The icon for attachments has been super useful for this reason, so a notes icon would do the same.

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I use notes to write in more detail of the transaction also my accountant can makes sure I put it in the correct category.

Further to the Notes icon suggestion. I wondered if an even better idea would be to have the note actually visible in the transaction list view. This would be even better for me (and hopefully lots of other people). It allows you to remember what every transaction you have made was for. This is really useful when you get a few weeks/months down the line and cannot remember what a 3 month old transaction was for. The best thing is that you would be able to see all that information at a glance in the list view, no need to go into each transaction to see what it was for, especially handy when reconciling or ticking off a list you may have made as part of your bookkeeping. My main peeve at the moment is remembering what transactions were for and having to go into each transaction to read the note I made earlier. It also allows you to see which transactions you have and have not made notes for in the list view. Here is an example of what it might look like. I think 1 line would be enough and if the note is longer, you can go into the transaction and read the whole thing.


This is a really cool idea. I’ve certainly not forgotten about your note icon idea for when we next revisit the transaction list. I’ll keep this in mind when we next do also.

Keep ‘em comin’


Hi Shash,
Just to let you know that we will be including a note icon on transactions that have them as part of our next release. We hope you like it!


Hi @J.B That is great news! I look forward to seeing it. Thank you so much for letting me know too, I appreciate that!

I don’t know if you recall but I sent a suggestion that instead of a notes icon, could we have the 1st line of the note on transactions instead? This would make it even easier to identify what a transaction was for at a glance, you wouldn’t even need to go into the transaction details that way. My personal bank account has this feature and it is SO useful. I forget very quickly what a transaction was for (especially if you have 10 Amazon purchases in a month etc.) but seeing the 1st line of the note in the transaction list means I can quickly see what it was for and move on to the next one. I also know that I have actioned that transaction because when I write the note, I always add the receipt and make sure the category is correct, so the note acts like a reconciliation indicator.

It is easy for me to ask for this, but I don’t know how easy it would be to implement. It’s just that since using this feature in my other account, I can really see it’s benefits in Coconut. The notes icon will also be very helpful.

Having an excerpt of the notes in the transaction cell is a little more work, so we probably won’t be looking at that in the immediate future. This is also partly due to incompatibility with some other changes we have in store around the use of transactions.

It is on my radar though, and when the time is right I will certainly be looking back at how we can incorporate something like this.


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@J.B ok, sounds good. I really hope you can implement it one day, it’s such a time saver when reviewing several transactions or going through the list to make sure everything is correct.

The Notes icon is going to be really good too, so looking forward to seeing it!