Perks & Rewards

On our public roadmap someone suggested that it would be good if we could offer perks for our customers by partnering with relevant companies.

It would be great to know:

  • Do you think this is a good idea?
  • What sort of perks do you think you’d use if we were to offer them?
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Yes this is a great idea.

Some form of business discount perks on like printer ink, and all that boring stuff.

I find this really offputting and cheap, it’s just a way for banks to try to make a commission on sales and use the fact you have an account with them to force advertising into your pocket. It’s not appropriate for a business bank if you ask me; I think Lloyds does it quite subtly where you have to head to a unique area. On the other hand, MoneyBox is just ghastly now, the whole app which was once about saving money, is just a coupon app disguised as a savings app now and the whole thing is geared toward making me buy from sites or join other services.

I don’t get what you see as offputting and cheap.

As a business owner with a high turnover of certain products, having a discount on these would be brilliant.

It’s not like one would be forced by Coconut to use them, they’d be there for those who wanted them & I certainly do.

Hey @ryev @graphgoesup

I actually see both perspectives quite clearly here. And I think the value is all in the execution on our side.

I think there is genuine collective bargaining power that we can bring across our customer base to bring costs down on certain things. And there are benefits that we can all enjoy from that or even exclusive access to things.

I remember when I had a company Amex for instance, back in my corporate days, and got free access to airport lounges and speedy boarding, it was a really nice touch. And made me feel like I was getting something special when I travelled - free food and drink and a nice comfortable place to sit.

Or well timed discounts on big purchases that I could look up when I needed them, such as phone contracts or electronics, insurance or materials.

But I do appreciate that if these are in your face all the time, or if they are done in the wrong spirit I.e. with revenue in mind rather than a benefit to customers, that’s going to be a bit invasive and tacky.

Thanks for this. Leave it with us. We’ll take this away and mull these points.

Great feedback.



Well put Sam! The execution is what I was talking about in terms of if people wanted to use it or not, for example an ‘opt-in’ button or something located in settings.

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Heres a great benefits company,